Yorkshire Paintball Centre

Yorkshire Paintball Centre

Yorkshire Paintball Centre GirlThe Yorkshire Paintball Centre is situated right in the heart of Yorkshire in the centre of the triangle of York, Leeds and Selby. We are only a 6 mile taxi ride from the middle of York, just off the A19

Whilst the paintball centre itself is located between York and Selby, we also have a booking office located at Office 125, 33 Great George Street, Leeds LS1 3AJ. This office can be used to drop in depisit cheques and pick up promotional information.

Yorkshire Paintball Centre established 1988
The Yorkshire Paintball Centre first set up and fired a paintball in August 1988. Not quite when paintball first came to the UK, but not long after. Our game zones have made us famous throughout the UK and further afield. Our massive bridge is actually the worlds biggest purpose built paintball bridge and is the main feature. During your day, you will play at least two battles over it.

United Kingdom Paintball Sports FederationMembers of the United Kingdom Paintball Sports Federation
We were one of the first accredited members of the UKPSF (United Kingdom Paintball Sports Federation). The governing body of paintball in the UK.  Making sure you get the highest standards at all times. The UKPSF was set up to raise the standard of paintball centres across the UK.  Accredited status means that we have achieved the highest standard available on any paintball centre in the UK.

Yorkshire Paintball Centre BridgeYorkshire Paintball Centre game zones
We have always called them games, now everyone calls them maps. Our Yorkshire paintball Centre maps are widely aknowledged as being the best in the UK. Please have a look in the gallery for photo’s. That bridge is the biggest in the world. We play games in our huge 10,000 sq ft bunker system.  Other games include storming the embassay, disable the radar, or wiping out the opposition in our Beirut game. If you play tournament paintball, we have a millenium sized, astro turf tournament field. If you would like to pop down for a look around, please feel free, just give us a call on 01757 289322 and we’ll arrange it.

Yorkshire Paintball Centre Mobile websiteWebsite on the move.
We now have a new “Mobile” site which automatically detects, for people with smart phones. Using the new mobile site is the easiest way to view the Yorkshire Paintball Centre website while on the move. The idea of the mobile site is to give people info whilst on the move, especially when on their way to visit us and suddenly remembering they have left the directions on the kitchen table.

Tokyo nightclub in YorkPaintball Stag and Hen Parties in York, in association with Tokyo Nightclub.
We are delighted to have teamed up with the Tokyo Nightclub in York to offer Stag and Hen parties something really special. With our special stag or hen do package, you will get entry including 500 paintballs, then entry to Tokyo nightclub, your own private booth and a bottle of champagne.

If you would like to play paintball with us, you are most welcome. You can either book online or if you prefer to give us a call, one of our staff will be only too happy to help you make arrangements.

Yorkshire Paintball Centre won the UK Scenario “Site of the Year” award for 2011. This is a real award, voted for by real paintball players.

Play like the US special forces – Delta Force at Leeds Paintball